The "Monthly Menu Plan" comes with a convenient "Shopping List" for
each weeks "Recipes".  I make all of the "Shopping List" for you. 
Here is a sample "Shopping List" for the "Week 1" Recipes.
All the Recipes are created with Anti-Inflammatory Ingredients
and options for you to choose; type of Sweetener you like,
type of Dairy you like, Healthy fat of your choice and are Gluten Free.

 Week 1 2019 Shopping List

All of the Items on this list are needed for the “Recipes” used this week. You may have some of these products in your cupboard or pantry, if so don’t need to buy them. Remember, you are building a new Pantry that will support your Anti-Inflammatory way of Eating.



Irish Grass Fed Butter- 1 package SS, PII, PIII

Eggs- 4 dozen

Greek Yogurt Plain 0 fat – 2/35.6 oz containers

Daisy Cottage cheese – 2/24 oz containers

Feta Cheese – 4 oz

Shredded Mozzarella SS, PII, PIII – 1/8 oz package

Milk (your choice) – SS, PII, PIII- ½ Galion



Chicken Breast – 3/1 lb packages boneless, skinless, Free-range 

Turkey Breast –   1 lb package Sliced Boars Head Oven Roasted   

Ground Beef –   lbs Grass fed, lean or

Ground Turkey Breast – 3/ 1 lb packages

Flank Steak – 1 lb package

Turkey Bacon –   1 pkg Applegate Organics Turkey Bacon®  Phase III Only

Cod Fillets, boneless, 2/ 1 ½ lb packages



Strawberries –  1 Quart

Blueberries –  6 Pints     

Lemons – 4

Limes – 2

Buy Extra Fruit of your Choice to eat with meals



Green Beans – 1 bags 16 oz 



Whole Peeled Tomatoes – 1/14 oz can



Gluten Free Taco Shells – Optional for PIII: 8 Gluten free Corn taco shells

Gluten Free Buns Optional for PIII – 4 buns

Nut Thins – 4 boxes Sea Salt and 4 boxes Pecan



Bibb lettuce – 2 heads

Cauliflower – 2 Med Heads, 4 Large Heads

Cilantro -1 bunch

Cabbage -1 Large Head

Red Cabbage – 1 Small Head

Celery – 1 bunch

Garlic – 1 bulb

Jalapeño – 1

Leek – 1

Salad Mix – 1 large package

Parsley – 1

Red Onion – 2 medium

Yellow Onion – 2 small

Radishes – 4 packages

Red Bell Peppers – 1

Tomato -1 large, 1 Medium

Scallions – 1 bunch

Zucchini-5 Large



SPICES (1 container)

Basil Dried-1

Black Peppercorns (whole)-1

Celtic Sea Salt-1

Cayenne Pepper-1



Garlic Powder-1


Italian Seasonings - 1

Onion Powder-1



Red Pepper Flakes-1






OILS (your choice of oil and brand)

Cooking Spray-1 FT

MCT Oil – 1 bottle SS, PII, PIII

Olive Oil – 1 bottle SS, PII, PIII

SAUCES (1 bottle)

Bragg’s Liquid Aminos-1


CONDIMENTS (1 jar or bottle)

Yellow Mustard-1

Dijon Mustard-1

Hot Sauce-1

Lemon Juice-1

Dill Pickles-1

VINEGARS (1 bottle)

Apple Cider Vinegar-

EXTRACTS (1 bottle of Pure)

Vanilla extract-1

Maple extract-1


SWEETENERS (1 box, 1 bag or 1 bottle)

Stevia Liquid Drops (Sweetleaf brand) 1 plain

Stevia Packets (Sweetleaf brand) -1

Xylitol (Pure Birch Bark brands are Zvect, Perfect Sweet and Health Garden) 1 pkg


BAKING SUPPLIES (1 bag or box)

Baking Powder-1

Flaxseed Meal (ground Flaxseeds)-1

Nutritional Yeast Flakes (Bragg’s brand) -1,

Xanthan Gum-1