Welcome to Connies Yummus Food!

Hello I'm Connie the Chef for Connies Yummus Food,

the place to find Delicious Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plans, 

Recipes, Inspiration, Encouragement, and

Motivation for living your Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle.

Connies Yummus Food  is different than other “Anti-Inflammatory recipe, Meal Plan” websites. Each recipe designed and created 

with Anti-Inflammatory ingredients resulting in Delicious,

Healthy Dishes!

My recipes do not contain Wheat flours, Gluten flours, Refined Sugars

or Artificial ingredients. All of the recipes are gluten-free, sugar-free,

your choice of dairy, your choice of healthy fats, fiber and protein that is Non-GMO, grass fed, wild caught and antibiotic free.

Connies Yummus Food is more than just a project or a company.

It’s a testimony of how something you love to do can lead to helping others have a happier, healthier and better life. It’s a daily reminder of what health means and the joy that being healthier can create. I want everyone who suffers from Inflammatory  issues to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Happier and I can do that with

Connies Yummus Food.

Here’s a little about me I live an Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle to help with Chronic Pain, digestive issues and controlling my weight. I know how to do it and am so happy to share it with you.

I have always loved food, eating it, cooking it, reading about it and watching it on television. Over the years I also watched and learned how to cook with both of my Grandmothers. Grandma Mary taught me all the wonders of Southern cooking, while my Grandma Donnabelle schooled me in classic German and American cooking.

In 2009 my sons went to do their Masters Studies in Classical Music. Finding myself alone I decided to persue a dream of attending Culinary School simply because I wanted to. That is where the dream of helping people with dietary issues started.

Here I are am 2018 realizing my dream. 


Connies Yummus Food has been created to inspire you to be healthy in mind, body and spirit for life; all while enjoying Your Journey and the foods you eat on it.

A portion of the proceeds from Connies Yummus Food are donated to a Local Food Pantry and Community Kitchen that helps feed people who are in need of food and friendship.
"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40


I am Blessed by God and Grateful for the opportunity to use my gifts to help you on your Journey to health and making Delicious home-cooked meals. I will always stay true to the real reason why I started Connies Yummus Food which is using my gifts from the Father to help others . I hope you will become a part of it with me. 

My Values

With Connies Yummus Food I can follow belief in God and my hearts desire to teach you how simple and enjoyable it to live an Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle. My recipes are a reflection of how I live my life; easy, balanced and wholesome. I hope you will live every day loving yourself, living your passion, and happiness finding nourishment for your body.  

Connies Yummus Food is 100% supported by its members. I don't display advertisements, nor do I have any sponsors or investors.

So let’s get Cooking!