Enjoy Living an Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle with Connies Yummus Food

Connies Yummus Food provides Anti-Inflammatory meal plans, recipes,

shopping list and tools to help you live a healthy Anti-Inflammatory lifestyle.


My recipes are Gluten-free, Sugar-free, Healthy fats and Healthy dairy.

When your Doctor gives you a list of foods you can eat, but no meal plans or recipes to follow,

that’s where I can help!

Soon you will be on your way to living and eating an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle.  


Connie Slusser 

     Chef &Culinary Specialist

Hello I'm Connie Slusser I specialize in Anti-Inflammatory recipes.

I'm exactly where you are. I want to be healthy, have less body pain,

be a healthy weight and confidant in myself. 


3 years ago I started creating recipes from Anti-Inflammatory foods 

as "The Solution" to my Inflammaton issues of Chronic pain,

digestive issues, depression, anxiety and lifelong weight problem.

So I continued to create and eat my delicious dishes

resulting in a major decrease in body pain, better skin, hair and nails,

better overall moods, no more digestive issues and yes, I lost weight. 


 My recipes are not about dieting, they are about eating delicious,

real food that helps you feel good about your body and health.


I love to inspire, encourage, motivate and help you on your journey in life. 

Thank You for allowing me to make your journey happier and healthier.


Who Can an Anti-Inflammatory Way of Eating Help?
People with...

Inflammatory Issues

Increased aches, pain

and chronic pain in your body when you eat

certain foods.

Weight Issues

Unexplained weight gain when you are on a diet,

finding it hard

to lose weight, weight fluctuations from eating certain foods.

Digestive Issues

Gas, bloating, upset stomach,constipation,

diarrhea can all be

a result of eating foods

that your body isn't

happy with.

and people who simply want to eat Delicious Healthy Meals & Snacks 
Anti-Inflammatory Recipes Fresh from the Kitchen

Connies Yummus Food offers new recipes in the menu each month.  

Recipes with healthy, Anti-Inflammatory ingredients that taste as good as they look.

Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Anti-Inflammatory eating

has never been easier

or more delicious.

Monthly meal plans,

recipes and shopping list

make it easy, convenient

and fun to cook

Anti-Inflammatory meals.

What's included in the Membership?
Anti-Infalmmatory Whole Foods
Start Eating
Members are notified when Chef going Live on Facebook
Learn different Culinary Techniques in the Kitchen
How to
Video Instructions
Save the Date

Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle can be alot of work. No Worries, I've created delicious recipes and resources to make it easier for you to get started.

Delicious & Easy Monthly Menus.

I plan meals for Mondays through Fridays based on each calendar month. Your plan includes recipes for creating delicious dishes and a Time-saving grocery lists.

I take the worry out of your

Meal Planning. 

Simply Delicious 

Connies Yummus Food

recipes are Delicious, 

Anti-Inflammatory recipes developed using gluten-free,

sugar-free, healthy fat and the purest dairy ingredients you can find in your favorite grocery stores.

How to Videos, Tips & Private Chats.

How to Videos on Recipe Preparation, shopping for the freshest fruits and vegetables

and cooking skills. 

Member only Facebook 

“Live” sessions &

“Private-One on One”

Video chats with me.

My MissionStatement

As a Christian, Connies Yummus Food is more than just a project or a company. It’s a testimony of how I can take my gifts from God and help others have a happier, healthier and better quality of life. It’s a daily reminder of what health means and the joy that being healthier can create. I want everyone who suffers from dietary issues to Feel Better, Look Better, Live Happier and I can do with Connies Yummus Food. 
A portion of the proceeds from Connies Yummus Food will be donated to a Local Food Pantry and Community Kitchen that helps feed people who are in need.
"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' Matthew 25:40


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